In Akkamaka Duo I work with the musician and composer Aksel Strim,Akkamaka_i_hvidtwith whom I also live and have two kids. We have been living and playing together for almost 20 years.

Aksel is a gift to work with for me as a storyteller. He plays a lot of instruments; among others cello, clarinet, accordion, percussion and all kinds of sound instruments and he composes music for everything that the stories need. 

Aksel also works as a musician and a composer in other musical connections. See: and

Since the beginning of time the music and the story have been following each other as complementary languages.
The duo is named after a mountain in Himalaya.
Here we walked many years ago from the tropical areas in the South to the snow-covered mountains in the North, and we were playing and singing in the small villages.

We play and perform at schools and institutions, folk high schools, working places and conferences, at weddings and other private arrangements, on festivals and all kinds of cultural arrangements, both outdoors and indoors -  both big and small.

We play for both kids and adults, always acoustically and we accompany dances, chain dances, sing-alongs and singing games.

Moreover, we offer courses at conferences, dialogue meetings, theme days and workshops for instance with storytelling, communication and promotion, music and improvisation, mythology, voice, body and senses.

Through a dialogue with our audience we want to create and enrich the inner pictures that fairytales, myths and other magic stories are able to arouse in a unique way.
The interplay between words, body and music can create a really special sensuous experience, and with our stories we hope that we can create a room for laughter, crying and cognition.