In Akkamaka Duo I work with Aksel Striim, with whom I also live and have two kids. Aksel is a gift to work with. He plays a variety of different instruments and he can compose music for all my stories.

I perform at all kinds of places for kids, young people and adults. I have performed for 700 high school students, in a living room for a family of four persons, at a street theatre festival in Spain, in an elevator, in Indian villages deep in the jungle in Mexico and on the steppe by the nomads in Central Asia.

But I also perform at concerts, museums, arts centres, churches, locale centres, working places, treatment centres, hospices, conferences, seminars, art exibitions, birthdays, confirmations, weddings, baptism and funerals - there is no limit to the storyteller's room.

I often tell my stories in co-orporation with a musician or more, or else I sing and mix the story with the song.

After many years of living, eager and active work as a storyteller I have got a colourful collection of all sorts of stories.

See the repertoire here.

The repertoire is expanded all the time

You are welcome to contact me on wishes and inquiry.

My stories on Youtube

You can see examples of some of my stories by following the links below:
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Tales in the lighthouse:

Saturday in the lighthouse:

How the music reached the earth:

The golden apples: 

The good story

The good story is like a dream that we dream together.
Pictures told with the storyteller's living words,
which create a magic universe where everything is possible.
When we listen to the pictures of the story,
our souls have room to grow and transform.
When we listen to the story together, a bridge is build between us,
and with this bridge, we can share wisdom, experiences and memories, joys and sorrows.
In the story we can meet in spite of age differences,
in spite of the fact that we come from different places,
and that we are in different phases of our lives.
We each reflect our own pictures in the shared story,
and with this we become co-creators of the poetry of this very moment.